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800 NE Oregon Street
Portland, OR 97232

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If you're thinking of joining - read on!

Who Can Join?

Anyone who is employed by a tenant of PSOB is eligible. Members may be full-time, part-time or contract employees, students, or volunteers.

How Much Does It Cost?

It costs $14 to sign up ($10 joining fee + first month’s dues). Thereafter, membership is $4 per month.

The initial $14 needs to be submitted to the membership coordinator (link below) via check. Once that is processed, the $4 per month dues will be made by payroll deduction every month. 

You may also rent a locker (when one is available) for an additional $1 per month.

What Do I Need To Join?

In addition to standard contact information you will need to provide the following:

  • Your Employer (OHA, BOLI, etc – must be current PSOB tenant)

  • Employee ID number (if paying by payroll deduction)

  • Badge number - Please check with your supervisor or Human Resources for help in locating these numbers.

As part of our commitment to your safety and enjoyment of the center, we request new members attend a free orientation with our fitness trainer. While this session will focus on safe operation of workout equipment, it also provides you free time with a certified trainer to start a tailored workout. Since the center pays for this orientation and for no-shows, please schedule when you know you can make it. If an emergency should arise we ask that you give the fitness trainer 24-hour notice of your cancellation. The confirmation e-mail you receive once you’ve finished the joining process will provide a reminder as well as contact information.

Requests to join submitted between August 30 and September 20, 2019 will be processed at the end of September.